tools of the trade
custom vest
playing around
Owl at Twilight
Shape shifting
custom holster
all natural
depth and definition
all custom
thoughts in progress
sleek and curvy
old school
in the flow
Texas Renaissance Festival
the process
of thought
fine details

Meet the Gilded Gypsy; Paula Grace.

Paula has enjoyed creating and designing from the age of 8 years old. But her creativity was awakened when she had the opportunity to work with a local leather designer. She fell in love with the soft suppleness and substantial richness that leather gives.


Paula's creativity turned into a passion when she discovered belly dance. The colors, layers of textiles, the flash and jingle of coins and metals offered her a home to be as free and creative as the dance.


Each piece of specialized apparel is as intriguing and unique as the artist. Most are a 'one of a kind' work of art. Using only the finest leather, textiles and fibers available, you can be assured that your item is of quality and is durable for years of wear.

Paula is the director of the troupe Totem and founding member of the troupe Signet Tribal. She holds certifications in General and Modern Skills from Fat Chance Belly Dance®, Floor Work and Levels Certification from Prana Dance Co. and continues her education through workshops and lectures provided by her local dance community. Paula also teaches ATS® in Austin and is available for workshops. Paula supports her community with performances with other fabulous dancers at local restaurants and nursing homes. She will be vending at Migrations 2020 and vending and teaching a workshop in costuming at the Austin belly Dance Convention 2020. She enjoys renaissance, celtic and artisan fairs. Paula  currently performs at the Puffin inside the Texas Renaissance Festival and the Scallywags Raks at the Pirate Territory in the Sherwood Forest Faire. You can find the Gilded Gypsy selling her wares to the young and young at heart.



Below are a few photos and links of a day in the life of the Gilded Gypsy. Enjoy!

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