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When are items shipped?

In-stock items are usually shipped the same or next business day after payment has cleared. Custom orders are shipped after all parties are in agreement of completed work and payment has cleared.




What are your delivery options?

All items are shipped via USPS unless otherwise requested. Shipping is determined at time of sale. Multiple items can be arranged to be shipped together if requested.

If all items cannot be shipped together buyer will be notified before shipping.


Do you provide International delivery?

Most items can be shipped to other countries. Shipping and handling will be determined at time of sale.

How do I return an item?
If you need to return an item it must be in it's original resalable condition. Please package your item carefully and securely just as it was shipped. Items that show wear or tear will not be accepted for return nor refunded.



Mail returns to:


Gilded Gypsy

1515 Blackjack

Lockhart, Texas 78644





What is your returns policy?

In-stock items can be returned in new resalable condition only. Return shipping is paid by purchaser and is not refunded by Gilded Gypsy. Items that show wear and tear will not be accepted for return nor refunded. Please notify Gilded Gypsy by email of returns. There is a 15 day return on in-stock items from date of receipt. 


Custom orders cannot be returned nor refunded. If there is a sizing issue or defect in parts or workmanship, all attemps will be made to alter or repair item. Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.


All attempts will be made for resolution. Exchanges and store credit will be consisdered in resolving disputes.



How to care for my leather items:


All leather items are finished with a leather & suede protector. It is advisable to reapply seasonally to continue protection of your leather purchase. You can find leather and suede protecting sprays at many major grocery stores and fine leather clothing stores. Be sure to follow the directions of the manufacturer for the spray protector you chose.

If you find that you have soiled or have gotten your leather purchase wet, shake off and soak up any moisture by patting gently with a clean dry absorbant towel or paper towel and let dry. Take to your local dry cleaners for spot treatment. Never wipe or rub affected area as this can cause further damage to your leather goods.

For offensive oders such as cigarette smoke or sweat, it is best to place item in a small closed room or closet with ionizer or air purifier for a day or two to air out. You can also lightly spray article with a fabric freshener and let air out. (do not dampen or saturate) 






How to care for my fiber items:


Very seldom would you ever need to wash your item. Using a fabric freshener or ionizer or air purifier usually takes out most smells. However if the item is in need of washing it must be done so carefully. Gilded Gypsy does not recommend washing in washing machines nor use dryers.

It is recommended you fill a sink with tepid water and use a small amount of gentle liquid detergent such as a childrens laundry soap.

Lower article in water and gently squeeze or kneed the item making sure not to tangle strands of fibers. Lift out of wash and gently sqeeze out excess soapy water. Rinse with clean tepid water. Gently sqeeze out excess water.

Lay article in a large, highly absorbant towel being careful to not tangle fibers. Gently and slowly roll the item in the towel and then press out the remaining excess water. Repeat until most of the moisture is wicked out by towel.

Gently remove and open up your item and lay it out flat to dry on a clean surface. Straighten any fringe, tassels or strands that might clump up so they can dry as straight as possible.



How do I care for the Items I purchased?